E-mailing service

E-mailing service

Official website :  http://www.e-mailing-service.net

Download WordPress link :  https://wordpress.org/plugins/e-mailing-service/

Plugin wordpress newsletter « e-mailing service »

Manage contacts (emails)

  • Create lists of subscribers unlimited
  • Number of unlimited recipients
  • Create lists of subscribers with parameterizable fields
  • Import recipients (email)
  • Changing recipients (email)
  • automatic Unsubscribe subscribers (email)
  • Export the recipients (email) in txt, csv or excel
  • Changing subscriber lists
  • Remove subscriber lists

Models Newsletter

  • Import newsletter templates in zip and automatic installation
  • View newsletters models in an iframe on the editor
  • button to copy a newsletter model automatically in the editor
  • Editing and deleting newsletters templates


  • Creation from previewing newsletter templates
  • Variables (shortcode) automatic as possible on your list, so lets add fields such as name and first name automatically in your newsletter.
  • Rewriting the link (rewritting) Automatic
  • Editing and deleting newsletters

Link and Link UNsubscription newsletter online

  • Link to unsubscribe from your list
  • Link viewing the newsletter online

Articles and pages

  • Automatic sending link to the publication of a new article or a new page link to the list of subscribers
  • Model for new integrated links, but editable

Sending the newsletter

  • Programming possible ship date
  • Extra Tracking can
  • Script multi-server Send Email
  • Ability to pause or stop the campaign
  • Live campaign Subscriptions

SMTP Setup

  • Works with all SMTP servers (gmail …)
  • Automatic configuration with our SMTP servers

Manage IASP

  • Optional bounces management deletes them automatically invalid email
  • See at a glance spam messages or other

Manage Blacklist

  • Optional blacklists management monitors your or your SMTP servers and in case you are on a list provides you the link to unsubscribe
  • SpamScore (notoriety note your mailing) important for hotmail updated every 4 hours.


    • Statistics openings, clicks, unsubscribes by ISP
    • Statistics openings, clicks, unsubscribes, per campaign
    • Statistics openings, clicks, unsubscribes by sending
    • Statistics openings, clicks, unsubscribes, for tracking
    • Statistics openings, clicks, unsubscribes, by


  • Widget chart on the dashboard for clicks, smtp, status
  • SMTP Statistics if you have a SMTP home


  • Subscribe to your recipient list parameterizable


  • Alert Management configurable
  • Alert sending the newsletter
  • Alert newsletter completed
  • Registration Alert
  • SMTP alert status
  • Alert blacklist
  • Daily Report

FAQ and Support

  • Access to FAQ and support integrated plugin
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